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    The 5 Dragon Slot is one of the most famous and most played free slot games everywhere. Why is it so special? Where does its charm and ability to seduce gamblers and punters still come from?

    Our review is available to give you all the necessary explanations and, on top of that, to make you entertain yourself with Aristocrat’s online slots and lots of other titles, free of charge and without any registration.

    So let’s get started with this free online 5 dragons slot for real money game discovery. An exciting and rich experience awaits you with our experts, our portal and us.

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Australian casino game designers are not often encountered, but Aristocrat has a remarkable track record in the industry. With a staff of around 2,000 professionals, the operator first made its mark in land-based venues and then, little by little, in online casinos. Aristocrat’s slot machine titles are well reviewed and popular, despite the visible and significant competition in the market. Aristocrat has been quite successful in transferring its classic and physical titles – those playable by pulling the lever manually, to be clear – to Internet portals, both free and paid for. 5 dragons real money slot is, of course, in the list. 5 DRAGONS SLOT The Aristocrat penguin bandits generally get good marks for the care taken with the graphic details and the mechanisms, which are simple and easy to play. Of course, the slots do not contain progressive jackpot and state-of-the-art graphics, as is the case with modern slot machines. But that doesn’t bother enthusiasts. On the contrary, nostalgic fans of classic penguin bandits are delighted. What’s more, the games are elementary and easy to play, and visitors can enjoy themselves and have fun without breaking their heads too much. With the expansion of mobile casino games, especially in the Asian and Pacific market, the company has started to launch titles for smartphones and other handheld devices. Yes, unfortunately they are not yet playable in real life – restrictions in various countries do not allow this – but having fun on the go, on the 5 dragons slot mobile app for free and without registration is great. Finally, it should be noted that the production company Aristocrat is very sensitive to themes related to the Ancient East. So it decided to bring this subject back to the screen and make free online slot machines that are downright fascinating and timeless, like 5 Dragons slot game. There are indeed many automatons that deal with the Orient. Every operator who produces software for online gambling has at least one slot that talks about Japan, China or the Asian continent, in which food, traditions, martial arts and customs are represented. 5 Dragons slot machine tells the story of mythological creatures that have always exerted a very special charm. A power that is almost magical and so seductive that you can’t refuse at least a small game for free and without obligation!


A creature of not too friendly appearance, the dragon, which is associated with very different situations in different cultures. While in the West they are considered diabolical creatures, in the East, these legendary animals are rather attributed to luck and generosity. Usually they come honored and treated respectfully. And our free Aristocrat slot machine demonstrates that. On a dark purple and dark blue background, 5 reels with golden borders appear. The bold, red reels are very colorful and the graphics are sharp and complemented by basic animations. The background and structure of 5 Dragons slot remains static and the bonus rounds are played on the same reels as the basic game. The graphics, however, make the parts pleasant and engaging. The Dragon icon, the absolute protagonist, for example, ignites every time you hit a winning combination. Being this an oriental-style machine, the appearance of the dragon can only be a sign of positivity, accompanied by koi carp, a turtle, red envelopes containing gold coins and, of course, cards from 9 to Ace, a little less Asian but still present in slot games. The games are played exactly like in a normal one-armed bandit game: we set our bets and make the rotations start. There’s no need to select pay lines, because there aren’t any. 5 Dragons slot game hides 243 different ways to win, which proves to be extremely profitable. Regarding the symbolism, we mentioned the basic icons, each one paying according to the alignments on the reels. A table full of information will help you understand the rewards. On the other hand, we will indicate the special symbols that help to formulate better combos. The majority of free slot machine enthusiasts will undoubtedly recognize the modern use of these symbols. The golden-green dragon will play the role of the joker. This Wild may replace any other symbol needed to complete a winning combination, with the usual exception of the Scatter symbol. It appears on the middle reels. He is likewise able to make his own combos, which reward as follows: 50 coins for 3, with 4 Wild you’ll get 100 coins, while with 5 Wild symbols in sequence, you’ll win 800 coins. The Scatter It is represented by the token – probably a valuable coin – and will launch the 5 Dragons free spins bonus mini-game when you line up 3 units. The appearance of a minimum of 3 Scatters will bring you variable winnings, corresponding to a multiplication of the normal bet which will start with a x5, continue with a x10 for 4 symbols, and end with a nice x50 – corresponding to 5 units.


THE BONUSES OF THE 5 DRAGON SLOT GAME The 5 Dragons slot offers 2 parallel games. The first one we are going to talk about is part of the slot and is activated according to certain conditions. The second one is optional, so players can decide whether to participate or not, at their discretion. The game of Free Spins is quite special because it is organized on a new screen that displays 5 different options. A very cool game, as you can choose between different colored Wild dragons accompanied by multipliers. Here’s an overview to better understand how and what to choose: Naturally, the more free spins you choose, the smaller your multiplier is. There’s also an extra bonus during these free spins: When the red packet image lands on reels 1 and 5, your winnings can increase incredibly. From 2 and up to 50 times your bet. In addition to this free spins bonus, often found in online slot games and well appreciated by gamblers, 5 Dragons slot machine also offers an additional and completely accessory function: the “Gamble”. Here, it is up to the player to decide whether or not to participate in this additional game, depending on their budget, luck and mood. Why is this? Because it’s still a risk, so you’ll have to consider this opportunity carefully. This modality is displayed at each conclusion of a winning rotation. The “Gamble” button appears and if you click on it you will have two options: Attempt to unmask the black or red color of the facedown card, which the machine randomly extracts. If the verdict is correct, your bet is doubled. Attempt to guess the family (clover, spades, hearts or diamonds) of the card drawn and the bet comes multiplied by 4x. Of course, it’s Mrs. Fortune to choose your fate, as the machine runs on a random generation system, as always. You can continue to play consecutively 5 times. If, however, you make a mistake… you will automatically lose the lot bet and your screen will return to the main game.


As already mentioned, the game is played on five reels with 243 different ways to win, which are not changeable. This is Aristocrat’s “Reel Power” mode, which uses means instead of standard lines to award you the winnings. Thus, matching symbols can be placed anywhere on adjacent reels to create winning combinations. The betting variables, however, are not complicated to remember. They include four levels with one, two, five or ten credits per round. Coin value options in free play mode include $0.01 and $0.10. The player can also choose to bet 25 coins (the “5 Reels” bet) or 30 coins (the “5 Reels + Extra” bet) per turn. As with other Aristocrat free slots, instead of the classic auto-play feature that plays a set number of spins, there is an “Autostart” button. Autostarts run indefinitely until the user decides to stop them. This can be annoying; as automatic spins go fast and it might be difficult to know how many credits you have actually gained in spin. Therefore, try out the system free of charge and without obligation to familiarize you with it.


Writing a review about an online casino hobby is very subjective, as it depends a lot on the way of playing and personal tastes. If you are looking for state-of-the-art slots with interactive bonuses and rich animations, 5 Dragons is not the best choice. In addition, graphic animations are limited, rotations go fast and there is no progressive jackpot. On the other hand, 5 Dragons slot is a good game for low budget players and beginners or intermediates. Of course, it can absolutely please those who enjoy the online versions that are faithful to land-based casino slots. Now that you’ve realized that the dragons that inhabit the Aristocrat Slots are very kind to you, we’re confident that this is an animal to which you’ll bring a lot of respect and gratitude. Take a free spin with the slot and start building up your confidence.
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