• The most detailed Book of Ra review

  • The most detailed Book of Ra review

    Today in our article, we will talk about one of the most popular slots. Book of Ra, also known as “Books” appeared at the dawn of the development and popularization of modern slot machines – in the 90s. It was developed by the large Austrian company Gaminator, which today is considered almost a monopolist in the field of software development for slots. The popularity of the slot came immediately. At first, the players were attracted by the colorful design: Ancient Egypt, with its secrets and mysteries, was at the peak of popularity in the 90s. Then they appreciated completely new types of bonus games and a generous bonus system. Yes, the game can hardly be called “generous,” but often, the bonus games that were dropped out made it possible to beat off all the costs if, of course, they played wisely. One of the largest developers of online games for online casinos Novomatic, has released a new video slot – Book of Ra Deluxe in the spirit of the adventures of Indiana Jones. The storyline is built in a fascinating and informative style from the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. The Book of Ra is a series of online slots. The Deluxe console means upgrading a video game, expanding functionality, and other parameters. There is always the most positive Book of Ra reviews.

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Book of R

About the developer of Book of Ra slot

The Novomatic group is an Austrian conglomerate of enterprises specializing in the development, implementation of gaming machines and software for them. It has branches in more than 50 countries in Europe, South America, the CIS, and Africa. It organizes a full cycle of gaming halls under the general brand Admiral. It was created in 1980 by Austrian entrepreneur Johan Graf, a big fan of gambling, who wanted to make such an activity accessible to a wide range of amateurs in all countries. Johan began with a small batch of imported slot machines for trading floors, and a few years later, his company began to export its own machines to Germany, Switzerland, France, the CIS, and the Netherlands. Slot machines Novomatic began to be produced along with the software under the common brand Admiral. Today Novomatic Group has branches in more than 50 countries of the world in Europe, South America, the CIS countries, and Africa. In 1981, the company received its famous name Novomatic. Novomatic is represented by a huge variety of slots of various subjects, which can be played online both via the Internet and at gaming halls. All Novomatic developments are distinguished by an optimized algorithm, excellent graphics, and honest payouts.

Video Slot World Book of Ra

The Book of Ra mobile app can be considered a good example of the company’s achievements. The first thing that catches your eye is the magnificent graphics, a detailed study of the elements that make even those who love gambling, which is far from similar topics, wanna play online. Game symbols captivate us in the distant days of Ancient Egypt, into the world of the pharaohs: the pyramids, the statuette of the goddess Isis, the scarab beetle, the funeral mask of Tutankhamun, playing cards stylized to the spirit of the era, and, naturally, the adventurer himself and, concurrently, the great adventurer Indiana Jones. It is worth noting the presence of the amazingly beautiful logo of the game. It is a revised version of the previous version of the Book of Ra slot, the divine wing of the disc with a beautifully inscribed name. Book of R

Advantages of the slot – play Book of Ra

They are obvious to an experienced player, but it is worth recalling them for beginners. Why you should play Book of Ra:
  • Great professional graphics.
  • Competent study of all the elements.
  • Honesty wins.
  • A fascinating, informative plot.
  • High volatility.
  • Convenient options.
  • Great sound.
  • The presence of bonus games.
  • The presence of a browser version.
It is difficult to point out some major advantages. For some, this is an amazingly beautiful schedule, someone likes the real opportunity to earn quite good amounts of money even at an average distance, and for someone, it is a great opportunity to study the culture of Ancient Egypt. But all who started playing Book of Ra Deluxe online are united by one thing – incomparable pleasure and a sea of ​​adrenaline.

Book of Ra Key Features

Talking about those who do not prioritize the graphics and great impressions of the game process itself, but the effect in monetary terms, the slot will please them even more. Volatility is high at medium and long distances. This will force the player to gain experience, patiently spin the reels, and for a rather long time, be content with small payments until that happy instant, which is known to all fans of gambling. When it is impossible to restrain emotions, and feelings are torn out like volcanic lava, and nothing in the world can restrain them. Payments occur infrequently, but if the beautiful magic Egyptian symbols line up in a good combination – a big jackpot is provided! For example, luck smiled at you, and Indiana Jones’s images lined up on five reels. With a maximum line bet, your winnings will be 500,000 coins! The goal of the game has not changed: you need to type 5 combinations of the same symbols on the reels. The combination of characters counts from left to right. The manufacturer made the slot functional so that even a beginner who first came to an online casino mobile could figure it out. Each option is registered on the corresponding button. They are complementing the functionality of the full Russification of a video game. In version 6 of the Book of Ra, five snare drums can be supplemented by a sixth. To do this, click on the button below. The five-reel slot accepts bets from 4 to 5000, in the sixth version of the Book of Ra – from 8 to 10 000. The game process of the machine is extremely simple. The Bet button selects the size of bets, line – the paylines. Selected lines should be odd – 3,5,7,9. If the same symbols appear on the reels, the player receives winnings and Book of Ra free spins. There can be several winning combinations in one round – in this case, they are added and multiplied by the odds factor number.

Game Control Technique of Book of Ra

If you are interested in how to win the Book of Ra, you should test the device in the demo version – the game options are free and are available on the main panel of the video slot. Game control is familiar and simple to both experienced gamblers and newcomers to online casinos:
  • To select a bet size, use the BET key. You can bet from one to one hundred credits per line.
  • The number of lines is selected using the LINE button – from one to nine.
  • In the Book slot machines, you can see the total bet on all lines using the TOTAL BET key.
  • To start the reels, press START or select the automatic play mode.
  • You can play large-scale by pressing the MAX BET key.
  • If you need to get detailed information about bets and combinations, click HELP.
Minimized settings allow players to enjoy pleasant adventures in search of the treasures of Ancient Egypt, without spending much time on difficult controls. Slot machines book of ra online real money demonstrates the high dynamics of the game, the frequent loss of winning combinations, a simple selection of bets. Book of R

Book of Ra Bonus

When three combinations of the Book of Ra game are lost, you can immediately get the whole win. To stop and not to play further is quite difficult. The essence of the bonus game is to guess the cards laid on the playing field with the shirt facing up. Each guessed card doubles the winnings. However, failure will carry away everything you earn under the net. The sixth reel can bring extra odds and extra winnings. If you consider yourself one of those players who are already ready to start a book of ra real money game, then you should familiarize yourself with some of the main rules:
  • Do not play slot machines in a bad mood;
  • Before the start of the game, determine the amount that you are willing to spend today on the game and in no case exceed the established limit;
  • Do not be discouraged if you lose – the next time you will be lucky!
Every Book of Ra slot fan knows that the main secret of the slot is a bonus game that can significantly increase your profit. Experienced players are sure that to move the rounds of the bonus game, you should bet 5 cents on five pay lines. Unfortunately, no one could explain this feature, but it was noticed that this strategy increases the loss of winning symbols. Some players also noticed that the Martingale strategy also helps in games on the Book of Ra slot, thanks to this system many players increased their winnings very quickly. And finally, an equally popular strategy, during which it turns out to raise the chance of receiving a large cash prize. The bottom line is that by rotating the first ten times the reels, bets must be placed on the average value on all lines without exception. Further, it is important to change bids to a minimum, but already on one active line. This combination should be kept until the winning combination falls out.

Play Book of Ra

Book of Ra demo or Book of Ra real money is a continuously improving progressive online game of a large reputable developer with a high payout percentage, convenience of options, and professional graphics. Here you can add an informative, fascinating story and very high winnings over a long distance. The entire game session is a colorful story about the culture of the ancient era, intelligibly absorbed by the adventure storyline of the famous adventurer. Experts compare the intensity of emotions, feelings of Book of Ra players with those that could be in reality when searching for a treasure in Ancient Egypt. And this is not an exaggeration at all. The online slot is really beautiful and truly immerses you in the world of Ancient Egypt. If you like such topics, you want to improve your knowledge of Egyptology and play at the same time – the video slot is for you! Stunning winnings, bonus rounds, Book of Ra tips, unique music, and great graphics! What else may a player need from a gaming slot! And then the gaming establishment thought about the convenience for the guests! Now you can play “Book of Ra” easily, without having to register! So as you can see, there is a chance to test the rounds, make a strategic choice, and enjoy fun games without financial expenses! Start playing immediately!
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